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I Know Something You Do Not Know 501 – C19: The Big Secret

by Mr. Lavelle Jones (Author), Nor Cal Vets (Author), Mr. Chris Walker (Editor)

“I Know Something You Don’t Know! 501 – C19: The Big Secret” is a compelling nonfiction work by Lavell Jones and Nor Cal Elite Disabled Vets. This book provides a deep dive into the world of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOBs) and the legislation that supports them. Through chapters that explore the history, struggles, and triumphs of disabled veterans in the business sector, readers gain insight into the importance of supplier diversity and the unique challenges these veterans face post-service.

The book outlines the intricacies of various laws and regulations like Public Law 109-461 and California’s General Order 156, explaining their impact on SDVOBs. It also offers a practical guide to navigating government contracting, with advice on leveraging set-asides and certification processes to benefit veteran-owned businesses.

Featuring testimonials and interviews with veterans who have transitioned to successful business owners, the book is both a resource for understanding the SDVOB landscape and a call to action to support these businesses. It advocates for the importance of networking, mentorship, and community support in fostering the growth and success of disabled veteran-owned enterprises.

“I Know Something You Don’t Know! 501 – C19” is more than just a book; it’s a comprehensive toolkit for anyone involved with or interested in the veteran-owned business sector, offering valuable insights, guidance, and inspiration.


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Introducing “H.O.O.R.A.H” – A New Era of Homeownership for Veterans

The L.A. Chapter of Elite Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) is proud to announce the launch of our groundbreaking program, “H.O.O.R.A.H” – Housing Opportunities for Our Respected American Heroes. This initiative is dedicated to helping veterans and their families achieve the dream of homeownership, whether for primary residences or investment properties.

The Challenge

Many disabled veterans face significant obstacles in finding affordable, accessible housing that meets their specific needs. Limited incomes, high living costs, and inadequate support systems often make homeownership seem like an unattainable goal. These barriers not only affect their immediate quality of life but also hinder their ability to achieve financial independence and long-term security.

Our Solution: Co-ownership and Real Estate Acquisition

“H.O.O.R.A.H” aims to turn these challenges into opportunities through our innovative co-ownership model and active real estate acquisition strategy.

Co-Ownership Model:
Our co-ownership model allows disabled veterans to pool their resources and collectively purchase accessible, affordable homes. By combining financial resources, veterans can secure better housing options than they could individually. This model not only makes homeownership more accessible but also fosters a sense of community and mutual support among veterans.

Real Estate Acquisition:
We actively source and acquire properties in various areas, ensuring a diverse range of options for veterans and their families. Our team of real estate and construction professionals is dedicated to making any necessary accommodations to meet the unique needs of disabled veterans. This commitment ensures that every home we provide is not only affordable but also accessible and comfortable for its occupants.

Building Long-Term Financial Security

By investing in real estate through “H.O.O.R.A.H,” veterans can build long-term financial security and create generational wealth for their families. Homeownership is a powerful tool for financial stability and independence, offering a tangible asset that can appreciate over time and provide a lasting legacy.

How We Help

  • Finding and Qualifying for Homes: We assist veterans and their families in locating and qualifying for homes in their desired areas. Our team provides personalized support throughout the home-buying process, ensuring that every step is as smooth and straightforward as possible.
  • Real Estate and Construction Support: Our professionals offer expert advice and assistance, from initial property search to final acquisition and any necessary modifications. We are committed to ensuring that each home meets the highest standards of accessibility and comfort.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We believe that every veteran deserves a place to call home, and “H.O.O.R.A.H” is our way of making that belief a reality. By facilitating co-ownership opportunities and actively acquiring suitable properties, we are breaking down the barriers to homeownership for our respected American heroes.

Interested vets and heroes can start by taking the SURVEY HERE.

For more information or to get involved with “H.O.O.R.A.H,” contact our team at:

Let’s work together to provide our heroes with the housing opportunities they deserve. H.O.O.R.A.H!

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We Can Rebuild You

Assisting Veterans: Rebuilding Lives and Business Opportunities


As a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans, our mission is crucial. We understand that veterans often face unique challenges when transitioning from military service to civilian life. Whether it’s finding employment, starting a business, or rebuilding their lives, our organization plays a vital role in providing assistance. Let’s delve into how our non-profit organization, Elite SDVOB Network, collaborates with veterans to help them rebuild and thrive.

Elite SDVOB Network: Advocacy, Education, and Business Opportunities

The Elite SDVOB Network is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that focuses on three key pillars:

  1. Advocacy: Our organization actively engages with policymakers at federal, state, and local levels to advance programs for service-disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVOBs). By advocating for policies that prioritize veteran-owned business opportunities, we ensure that veterans have a fair chance in the marketplace1.
  2. Education: Members of the Elite SDVOB Network gain access to valuable information. Guest speakers provide insights into emerging opportunities, practical advice, and subject matter expertise relevant to businesses. This knowledge equips veterans with the tools they need to succeed in the complex business landscape2.
  3. Business Opportunities: The Elite SDVOB Network connects veteran entrepreneurs with prospective buyers and facilitates networking events across the United States. By fostering relationships and creating opportunities, our organization empowers veterans to start, operate, sustain, and grow competitive businesses serving federal agencies and other government contractors1.

Rebuilding Lives: A Holistic Approach

Our organization recognizes that rebuilding lives goes beyond business opportunities. Here are some ways we contribute to veterans’ well-being:

  1. Home Modifications and Repairs: Organizations like Rebuilding Together provide no-cost preventive home modifications and repairs to veterans and their families. These improvements enhance safety, accessibility, and independence, allowing veterans to age in place comfortably. In 2019 alone, over 1,500 homes served by Rebuilding Together were veterans’ projects, directly benefiting veteran homeowners and their families3.
  2. Reconnecting with Family: Transitioning from military service can strain family relationships. Veterans need support to rebuild and strengthen these bonds. Open communication, patience, participation in family activities, and seeking professional help when needed are essential steps4.
  3. Wellness and Reintegration: Organizations like the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) emphasize holistic wellness and successful reintegration into civilian society. Collaboration between government agencies, community-based organizations, and private entities ensures that veterans receive comprehensive support5.

Contact and Collaboration

For veterans seeking a fresh start, our organization provides hope. If a veteran needs assistance, they can reach out through our website. Remember, our strength lies in the unity of volunteers, supporters, and partners working together to advance the interests of SDVOBs1.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to rebuilding lives and fostering business opportunities for our veterans. 🇺🇸

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Once a Marine…

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

In the quiet town of Altadena, nestled against the foothills, there lived a military veteran named Samuel. Samuel had served in the Marine Corps during his younger years, and the memories of camaraderie, sacrifice, and duty still echoed within him.

Samuel’s journey to becoming a Marine began like any other recruit’s—a mix of excitement, trepidation, and unwavering determination. He stepped onto the yellow footprints at MCRD, San Diego, where the grueling training awaited him. The drill instructors pushed him to his limits, molding him into a warrior who would carry the title “Marine” for life.

The days blurred into weeks, and Samuel endured the crucible—the sweat-soaked runs, the rifle drills, the late-night firewatch duties. But it was during those long nights, staring up at the stars, that he realized something profound: Being a Marine wasn’t just about physical strength; it was about resilience of spirit, honor, and unwavering loyalty.

Samuel’s platoon became his family. They shared stories, laughter, and tears. They learned to trust one another implicitly, knowing that their lives depended on it. When the final crucible came—the infamous “Reaper”—Samuel and his fellow recruits faced exhaustion, hunger, and doubt. But they pressed on, fueled by the legacy of those who had gone before them.

Graduation day arrived, and Samuel stood tall in his dress blues. The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor—the emblem of the Marine Corps—gleamed on his chest. He felt a surge of pride, knowing he was part of something greater than himself. As the drill instructor bellowed, “Once a Marine, always a Marine!” Samuel understood the weight of those words. It wasn’t just a slogan; it was a lifelong commitment.

Years passed, and Samuel deployed to distant shores. He faced combat, loss, and moments of doubt. But he never wavered. The title “Marine” wasn’t a uniform he could take off—it was etched into his soul. He fought not only for his country but for the brotherhood that bound him to every Marine who had ever served.

Back home, Samuel continued to serve. He joined the Marine Corps Alumni Association, connecting with fellow veterans across the nation. They shared stories, swapped advice, and supported one another. Samuel mentored young Marines, passing down the wisdom he had gained. He knew that being a Marine wasn’t just about the battles fought; it was about the battles won long after the uniform was hung up.

And so, in the quiet of his Altadena home, Samuel reflected on his journey. He had become a Marine, not just for a few years, but for a lifetime. The title carried with it a sacred duty—to uphold the values of honor, courage, and commitment. Samuel smiled, knowing that he was part of a legacy that stretched back to the birth of the Corps.

As the sun dipped below the San Gabriel Mountains, Samuel stood on his porch, the Marine Corps flag fluttering in the breeze. He saluted, not just to the flag, but to every Marine who had ever worn it. Their sacrifices, their unwavering loyalty—it all lived on in him. And so, in that quiet moment, Samuel whispered, “Semper Fidelis”—always faithful.

Battles won, battles lost, but the spirit of the Marine endures. Once a Marine, always a Marine.1

If you’re considering joining the Marine Corps, know that you’ll be part of a legacy—a brotherhood and sisterhood that transcends time and place. And if you’ve ever wondered what it truly means to be a Marine, remember this: It’s not just a title; it’s a lifelong commitment to honor, duty, and service. Semper Fidelis. 🇺🇸🌟

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Xavier “XMAN” Launches New Elite SDVOB Network Chapter in Los Angeles

!Elite SDVOB Network

Empowering Veterans in Business and Real Estate

Xavier, affectionately known as “XMAN,” is a force to be reckoned with. A Marine Corps veteran himself, he embodies resilience, determination, and a commitment to serving his fellow veterans. Now, he’s taking that commitment to the next level by launching the Elite Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) Network – Los Angeles Chapter.

A Beacon of Support for Veterans

The Elite SDVOB Network is more than just an organization—it’s a family. Comprised of certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs) and Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises (DVBEs), the network provides a platform for veterans to thrive in the business world. And with Xavier at the helm, the Los Angeles chapter is poised to make a significant impact.

Business Assistance: Navigating the Maze

Starting a business can be daunting, especially for veterans transitioning from military service. Xavier understands this firsthand. His vision for the Los Angeles chapter is clear: to assist veterans through the maze of paperwork, agencies, and individuals necessary to establish and grow successful businesses. Whether it’s connecting veterans with mentors, providing workshops on business fundamentals, or offering guidance on securing contracts, the chapter aims to be a beacon of support.

Business Opportunities: Building Wealth

Business ownership is a powerful wealth-building tool, and Xavier recognizes its potential for veterans. The chapter will focus on educating veterans about small business investment strategies, acquiring and structuring small businesses. By empowering veterans to become business owners, the Elite SDVOB Network aims to create lasting financial stability.

Pedaling Forward: The Veteran Bike Program

But it’s not all business and paperwork. Xavier knows that physical health and camaraderie are equally important. That’s why the Los Angeles chapter has launched the Veteran Bike Program. Veterans can participate in group rides, explore scenic routes, and build connections with fellow riders. It’s a way to stay active, bond with like-minded individuals, and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Get Involved!

Xavier invites all veterans, business owners, and allies to join the Elite SDVOB Network – Los Angeles Chapter. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, there’s a place for you. Together, we’ll honor the sacrifices of our veterans, celebrate their resilience, and pave the way for a brighter future.

For more information, visit the Elite SDVOB Network – Los Angeles Chapter website and be part of something greater. Let’s work together to empower veterans, build businesses, and pedal forward toward success! 🇺🇸🚴‍♂️🏢


  1. Elite SDVOB Network

501(c)(19) Veterans' Organizations have the benefit of allowing their donors deduct their charitable contributions on their federal tax returns, similar to 501(c)3 org. As a 501(c)19, 75% of our organization's membership are disabled Veterans.